Best of Aphrodite's Child, płyta CD

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Best Of Aphrodite’s Child. The first ever Aphrodite’s Child compilation on CD. Used to be one of the countless different compilation LPs - this one being printed and released in Germany - later got transferred to CD and released all over the world. For a long time it was the only way to get most of Aphrodite’s Child’s hit songs on CD, until Polygram Greece released the albums and BR Music and Mercury started to release the other compilations.

         1.  Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall 4:57

        2.  Such a funny night              4:33

        3.  I want to live                  3:30

        4.  You always stand in my way      3:55

        5.  Rain and Tears                  3:10

        6.  Let me love, Let me live        4:42

        7.  Don’t try to catch a river      3:38

        8.  It’s five o’clock               3:29

        9.  Wake up                         4:50

       10. End of the World                 3:13   

Label and catalogue number: Mercury 838 706-2

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